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Doily Update

I was impressed with the beautiful doily that Steph had posted on her blog so I grabbed the pattern and started my own. I’ve only finished the first three rounds and I’m very pleased with how it is coming out. … Continue reading

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More Tatting on Crazy Quilting

I recently finished my last round of the HGTV crazy quilt round robin.  This round went to your group Mom Nicki.  Her block was all soft pinks, greens, creams – very shabby chic! I did this small snowflake from Jon’s … Continue reading

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Tatting Pieces

Looking back through my recent posts I don’t see much about tatting – I promise I am working on stuff! I did these pieces last weekend and I just didn’t get around to posting the photos as of yet. The … Continue reading

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Tatting Day Projects

Here are some tatting projects that I have been up to recently. First I made my favorite cross book mark for our Deacon, Ed, and his wife Christine.  They are both made with Lizbeth thread size 20.  The pattern is … Continue reading

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Pizzazz Snowflake

I’m working on the latest round of my crazy quilt round for the HGTV message board.  On every round I’m trying to do a piece of tatting.  This time it was the Pizzazz Snowflake by Laura Blanton (Tattycat).  It’s made … Continue reading

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St. Patty’s Table Topper

This weekend I was working on a St. Patrick’s Day table topper for a mini swap I took part in. Sarah received her box yesterday so I can post photos of it!  I wanted the topper to feel like St. … Continue reading

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Couldn’t Resist

I took Owen to karate tonight and I had to bring something with me to do so I started another one of Jon’s snowflakes.  This only only took me a few hours – much better than the almost all day … Continue reading

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Motifs #7 and #8

I’ve been busy with many small projects lately. One on going project is my crazy quilt round robin through HGTV’s message board.  This latest round I did some square motifs with beads attached on point. The pattern is from This … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Tea Towel Revealed

Yesterday I got a GREAT call from my tea towel recipient Bina in WA.  I’m so happy that I didn’t do something stupid like “Google” Bina before I sent her the towel, turns out she is a very accomplished tatter … Continue reading

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More tea towel tatting

Yesterday I finished all 19 inches of the tatted edge for my tea towel – SHEW!  I was beginning to worry that I would never get it finished.  But now it’s done and safely attached to the towel – here … Continue reading

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