Pizzazz Snowflake

I’m working on the latest round of my crazy quilt round for the HGTV message board.  On every round I’m trying to do a piece of tatting.  This time it was the Pizzazz Snowflake by Laura Blanton (Tattycat).  It’s made with Yarnplayers size 30, night wind HDT – I LOVE THE COLORS!!  I decided not to add any beads because I didn’t have any that I thought would blend nicely with the thread, so I only added the button and let the design stand on its own.


The colors of the HDT match the colors of the block perfectly!  Good thing I had it on hand!!  This is going to be motif #9 for my 25 motif challenge.

A co-worker of mine is retiring and her retirement party is on Thursday, March 26th.  I REALLY want to make her a quilt (she’s a wonderful person and she has been with the company for 30 years!) so last night I picked out the fabric (2 1/2″ strips from my collection) and the pattern so tonight I’ve got to get working on it – along with the eight other things on my to do this for this week – YIKES!!!  Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to Pizzazz Snowflake

  1. tattingchic says:

    Your snowflake looks lovely in that thread and it coordinates nicely with the fabric. That is a very sweet gesture to make a quilt for the lady that is retiring. :)

  2. I just love everything about this one. The color, the button in the center, everything! Now studying it further it looks like the button is just holding it onto the QUILT! Wow, what a lucky lady. The idea was perfect and I’m sure it will remind her of many good times and friends to. Great job!

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