Tatting Pieces

Looking back through my recent posts I don’t see much about tatting – I promise I am working on stuff!

I did these pieces last weekend and I just didn’t get around to posting the photos as of yet.

The first one is Jon’s Heart Snowflake with a plastic ring in the center.  Jon has GREAT directions on her blog on how to do this.  I even got to show my new friend Lisa how to do it at the retreat.


It is made with Lizbeth size 20 thread – Cotton Candy color.  It is the fourth round in my Colorful Snowflake/Coaster tatting swap – I hope Miranda likes it!  It also is #11 on my 25 motif challenge.

Next I did Marliee’s Quardille earring pattern.  Earring are something I’ve always wanted to try and what better pattern to start with!!


I used Ladyshuttlemaker’s Easter Egg size 20 thread.  The beads I got while in Center Harbor this weekend on the retreat at Bella’ Beads.  I actually sent these to the owner to the bead shop as she had never seen tatting before – I hope she likes them!  She had a lovely shop I just wish I lived closer!  I do have a new shop that has opened here that I like too – nice to have so many beads close by.

I did show them off to people at work first one of my co-workers liked them so much that this morning I brought it all my threads and beads and she picked out thred for a pair for herself and a pair for her sister.  Now I just have to find time to make them this weekend!!!  They are #12 on my 25 motif challenge.

Next I think I’m going to experiment with plastic rings and earrings – I’m inspired after looking at the lovely work done by Krystle.  But no fun time to play this weekend!  And did I mention that I’m making my Mother a lap size Bento Box quilt for Mother’s Day – 9 DAYS AWAY!!!  I might I want to get started on that too!!!

I have more pictures to share of the hardwood floor progress from last night.  Hopefully later today!

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4 Responses to Tatting Pieces

  1. Tatskool says:

    2 gorgeous pieces of tatting, loved seeing them.

  2. Jon says:

    I always get excited when I seen pictures of my design in someone’s blog. It makes all the effort of designing it so worthwhile. Thank you for tatting it.
    I love the colour thread that you used for the earrings.

  3. tattingchic says:

    Love the snowflake and the earrings! How sweet of you to make another pair for your co-worker!

  4. Lisa says:

    THANK YOU for showing me how to do that ring!!! i too finished the snowflake, now to just take a better picture of it and post it on my blog too!! and i even did a trial run of the earring pattern with cheap thread and no beads.. now off to find some pretty thread to put with the awesome black beads i got while in NH!!! love your block Christine.. and can’t wait to see more photos of your floor project!!!

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