George Washington

Tomorrow Owen is giving his first oral book report.  He’s been working hard learning about George Washington and tonight we did a dress rehearsal.

No, I didn’t make the costume – I bought it from eBay and got the hair and hat at iParty.  I’ve already told him that he will be George Washington for Halloween and Julianna decided to be Martha!!  Luckily they do something for the Revolutionary War in 5th grade so I’m going to be holding onto the costume until then!


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4 Responses to George Washington

  1. Cea says:

    He is so cute! What a great job and I love the costume.

  2. Great Job Honeybunny. We Love You.

  3. Great Job Honeybunny! We love you bunches and bunches!

  4. Mrs. Hampton says:

    Owen…I’m so proud of you!! You look and sound wonderful…great job!!
    I can’t believe we’re both in the third grade!!

    Love, Mrs. Hampton

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