Giveaway Winner

It’s Monday and the sun is out so that is a good way to start the week!!

First off let me say that I’m overwhelmed by the response to my giveaway.  You’re comments really touched my heart and it’s nice to see that people appreciate my work!!  Thank you to all those of you who visited and commented – I wish I had a bag for each of you to win!

I did run the random number generator this morning and without further ado –


Sorry the picture is alittle bit blurry, my iPhone doesn’t take great pictures of the computer screen!

Commenter #168 was Brooke – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

This giveaway was so much fun!!  I haven’t received any emails stating I’ve won anything, but it’s still early right????

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May Giveaway Day is HERE!!!

Winner has been selected – thanks for entering!

Today is May 27th and it is the start of Sew Mama Sew’s great May Giveaway Day.  Here is what I’ve made to be won:

I made this purse, it’s my smaller version of the Lazy Girl Designs Miranda Bag.  I measures approximately 8 1/2″ high, 12″ wide and 3″ deep.  I fell in love with this dot fabric and just had to make something with it!


It has wooden handles, magnetic snap closure, 6 interior pockets and firm bottom to prevent sagging.  I’m even going to include a matching key fob and a wallet (the wallet isn’t done yet, but trust me – it’s CUTE!!)


And the bag has been treated with Scotchgard to help protect it.

All you need to do to win is post a comment on this thread (be sure to include your email address if you don’t have a blog so that I can contact you!) before 12pm (eastern standard time) on Sunday, May 31st.  Shortly there after a winner will selected by random number genertaor.  I will ship this prize internationally, so please enter!

It’s that easy! 


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George Washington

Tomorrow Owen is giving his first oral book report.  He’s been working hard learning about George Washington and tonight we did a dress rehearsal.

No, I didn’t make the costume – I bought it from eBay and got the hair and hat at iParty.  I’ve already told him that he will be George Washington for Halloween and Julianna decided to be Martha!!  Luckily they do something for the Revolutionary War in 5th grade so I’m going to be holding onto the costume until then!


YouTube Preview Image
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Doily Update

I was impressed with the beautiful doily that Steph had posted on her blog so I grabbed the pattern and started my own.

I’ve only finished the first three rounds and I’m very pleased with how it is coming out.


You can get the pattern here.

I’m using 30 weight Cebelia thread and right now it measures 3 3/4″ accross.  I think I might frame this one when it’s done!

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More Tatting on Crazy Quilting

I recently finished my last round of the HGTV crazy quilt round robin.  This round went to your group Mom Nicki.  Her block was all soft pinks, greens, creams – very shabby chic!

I did this small snowflake from Jon’s book (I don’t remember the name of it – sorry Jon!) out of Ladyshuttlemaker’s Easter Egg HDT, size 20.  I added some beads since it was going on the crazy quilt block.


This is motif #13 for my 25 Motif Challenge.  Hard to believe that I’m half way done!!  I was worried that I would not be able to make all 25 in one year.

Here is another seam that I worked on:


I have not heard anything from Kate who is working on the final round of Julianna’s block.  But from what I’ve heard it is completely gorgeous – I can’t wait to get it home!!!  Here is what it looked like naked before it heading out.


I’m also doing a crazy quilt challenge right now.  A friend gave me three of her daughter’s old dance costumes that the challenge is to use ONLY the fabric on these costumes to make a crazy quilt block.  Here are the costumes and I received them:


And here is the naked pieced block:


I got creative and turned the black fabric over in one section so it is a solid black piece!  And I’m going to use the extra aqua sequins from the piece on the upper right on a different seam treatment.  I haven’t started working on it yet, I have one other project I must complete tonight and then I’ll be on to this project.

I’ve started collecting my Ocean theme fabric and materials for another crazy quilt block swap – this one is not a round robin, I make the entire block and send it off to it’s owner.  I sure hope she likes it!!

I have been doing other sewing/crafting projects – I’ll post about them tomorrow!

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Finished Birthday Quilt

I finished my Mom’s birthday quilt on Saturday – it was so nice to have it done a day early.  From start to finish it took me 5 nights – it would have been faster if I didn’t have to cut my own 2 1/2″ strips!

Here is the finished product:



I’ve also made it my new header image.  This was a fun and easy quilt to make.  I think I’m going to have to make another one!

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Another great giveaway and blog!

This morning I was reading the post from Green Fairy Quilts (whose blog and website I just found a few weeks ago – see her button on the right!) about her sister’s blog giveaway.  Having a 7 year old daughter I had to check it out!

Go to Megan’s Closet and enter for your chance to win (be sure to mention who you heard from me!) a GREAT hairbow


and a matching DRESS!!!


Julianna would love it!

Megan has a great website shop too!!  I’ll have to get a few Christmas gifts for my very girlie girl soon!

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May Giveaway Day

I’m excited to be participating in Sew, Mama, Sew’s May Giveaway Day.


I’ve entered giveaways like this before, but I have never particiated so this will be fun!  I know exactly what I’m going to make too.

Please do check back on May 27th to enter!

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Making Progress

I’ve been busy working on a quilt for my Mom.  She is going to be turning 60 on Sunday.  Last fall I made her a Bento Box quilt for when she was going into the hospital to have her knee replaced – I remembered how cold I was after surgery in the hospital and I wanted to give her something she could cuddle up with. (Sorry the picture is so small!)


She requested a Christmas quilt just like it.  But my problem was I could not bring myself to do it.  Just like I can’t read a book twice, I can’t make the same quilt for the same person twice.  So I went through my pattern stash and came across this one:


I used my Christmas “Gold” fabrics that I’ve been collecting and just cut the strips and charms myself.  The pattern went together very quickly – if you are looking for an easy lap quilt – try this one (it would be even easier if you had the jelly roll and the charms already pre-cut!). The only problem was the fabric I had extra of that was I going to use for the border was too busy so I had to find some different fabric – not easy to find Christmas fabric locally in May!  I did find a Moda oriental fabric that fit the bill.    Here is a sneak peak:


I’ll be quilting and binding it tonight and tomorrow so that it will be all ready for Sunday.

I’m taking the day off of work Monday to send the day with Mom – it will be fun – I’m really looking forward to it!

I got a great surprise this morning!  I was browsing the blogs I follow on Reader and came across fabrics that looked very familiar to me!  I’m participating in a mini log cabin swap through a Flickr group.  We had to send center fabric to our partner and they are making a mini quilt for us.  Well my wonderful partner, Tina, posted these sneak peaks on her blog!!!


I am so very excited!  I can’t wait to get it back from her.  I have been making progress on her hers but no sneak peaks yet.  I have to get it in the mail on 5/20 so that will be my next task.

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Office is DONE!

I’ve been remiss in posting photos of the flooring project – SORRY!

By the end of the day Sunday we had completed the flooring in the office as well as painting the walls and adding the floor trim.  We pretty much had no choice since Peter had to work on Monday so he needed to be up and running since he works from home!

So here was the office before the remodel:


And here is the new office (minus any furniture):


I can’t tell you how THRILLED I am with our new room.  The color on the walls is perfect for the office, the floor color is gorgeous.  I’m so glad Pete talked me into spending the money and purchasing the solid hard wood floor – it is so nice!

And a very big thank you to Dave (Peter’s friend) who spent his whole day Saturday at my house helping us out.  And my Dad too to pitched in when he came over in the afternoon.  We could not have done it without you guys!!  Tanyon had to get in on the “helping” too!


In addition to painting his side, he painted his tail and is paw AND got liquid nails on the bottom of one of his paws too!!  Luckily little Miss Savannah stayed out of trouble and only got a little paint on her whiskers.

The hallway is also painted and ready for the flooring to go down and the trim we are going to do.  But we are going to take this weekend off and celebrate Mother’s Day so we’ll tackle the hall next weekend.

I FINALLY started the quilt for my Mom’s birthday on Sunday, yes, this Sunday!  I made good progress on it last night (while watching the Red Sox beat the yankees – AGAIN!!) and I should be able to finish piecing it by Friday night and that will give me most of Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday to quilt and bind it.  It’s only a lap size so it shouldn’t take too long.

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